Bika Ambon Cake

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Bika Ambon Cake
Bika Ambon cake is a kind of Indonesian origin. Made from materials such as eggs, sugar and coconut milk, Bika Ambon generally sold in the sense of pandanus, although now also feel a sense-like durian, cheese, chocolate.

The origin Bika Ambon is not known clearly. Although the name contains the word "South", known as Bika Ambon by special by-city Medan, Indonesia. In Medan, Jalan Medan Petisah Mojopahit in the area of sales Bika Ambon, the most famous. Here, there are at least 40 shops that sell this cake.

Bika Ambon usually can survive in the best condition for about 4 days, because after the cakes begin crust. This is original recipe from Medan-Indonesia.

Bika Ambon Cake

Biang materials:
15 g instant yeast
20 g sugar
15 g wheat flour
75 ml of water

Powder Materials:
200 gr sago flour
300 gr sugar
8 yellow
½ tsp vanilla powder
½ tsp lime zest
15 sheets lime leaves
350 ml coconut milk
½ tsp salt
½ tsp yellow coloring
oil to polish the mold


  1. Dough source: the intervention all the materials and Leave for 25 minutes.
  2. Boiled coconut milk, salt and lime leaves to boil a mix that is not broken coconut milk, lift. Discard lime leaves and coconut milk mixed with sago flour, mixed flat.
  3. Shake the yellow eggs and sugar until sugar dissolve. Enter the sago flour mixture, grated lime skin, vanilli and yellow pigments. Mixed average. Leave the dough for ± 3 hours.
  4. Cast dough into the mold that has been smeared and oil be heated before the dough dituang.
  5. Roast in oven with a fire down, leave the oven door remains open until the bubbles stop.
  6. Turn off the bottom of the oven, then switch on the top of the oven and roast until cooked and khaki. Lift.
  7. After the cold remove cake from the mold, serve.